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The Alternative Funeral Service Arrangements

When it comes to funerals, we are all probably used to the typical and traditional funeral arrangement whether we have seen it first hand or watched it play out on the television. While these types of services are still extremely popular, there is something about the alternative funeral service that is catching the eye of a lot of people. For whatever reason, people are starting to want to stray from the normal service and go with something more unusual, such as an alternative funeral service, which is catching on pretty fast.

The reasons for the alternative funeral service may vary from person to person but it generally has something to do with reflecting the deceased’s true personality. Maybe they were anything but typical when they were alive and always were the life of the party. Having an alternative funeral service is a great way to express and celebrate the life that the deceased truly led. And it is no surprise that this type of funeral is something that people are going to remember for a lifetime and that is something great for remembering the deceased.

Finding Ideas For The Service

Once you have decided that an alternative funeral service is something that you should go for, now it is time to find some ideas to pull the whole thing together. If you want the alternative funeral service to run smoothly, there is still going to be a whole lot of planning to take care of. Seeking advice from friends and family of the deceased is a great way to spark new ideas and to set up the alternative funeral service arrangement that you will be proud of. Always try counting on others to be there for you because trying to take all of this on by yourself can prove to be too much for you to handle.

A good place to look for alternative funeral service ideas is the Internet. While this may seem like an unusual place to find ideas for an alternative funeral service, it actually is the opposite. The Internet is used as a place where people can express their grief and their ideas so that they can help others to cope. There are a lot of online forums that are geared specifically for those who are in the grieving process and may need a little help planning everything. On these forums would be a great place to ask for ideas for your alternative funeral service.

Understanding Funeral Service Planning

When it comes to that point in life where you have lost someone very dear to you, the last thing that you may want to think about is the funeral service planning. But if they did not leave their wishes spelled out or they did not already have everything planned out and paid for, you have no choice but to do all of the funeral service planning yourself. While it may seem like a lot to deal with in a time like this, it may actually help you get through this rough time as it will certainly keep you busy and keep you focused on a goal.

Whether you are looking at an alternative funeral service or a traditional one, know that you are still going to have a lot of choices to go over and a lot of decisions to make. Funeral service planning can be done with ease if you have the right people helping you. Generally, you will be able to count on friends and family to get it all done but you will need that extra help from a professional. This is where the funeral home itself comes into play for the funeral service planning as they have a lot of experience in this sort of thing.

Taking It One Step At A Time

While you are trying to deal with the funeral service planning you are also going to be dealing with the grieving process. It is extremely important that you take things slow so that you do not become overwhelmed and actually end up breaking down due to the stress. Go ahead and lean on the support of your friends and family while you are dealing with the funeral service planning instead of pushing them away. Your support team will serve you in a great way with the funeral service planning, as it is so hard to go through this sort of thing alone.

Try talking to as many people as possible about the funeral service planning so that you can really get some extra hints and tips on what you could be doing. This is a great way to get things done in an orderly fashion and maybe you will even be able to save some time. Dealing with funeral service planning is never a fun thing but it does have to be a terrible experience. Simply take your time and always ask for help if you need it and you will get through the whole process just fine.

All About The Funeral Home Service

It is never an easy thing to go through but there will eventually be a time where your friends and family are going to have to plan a funeral home service for you if this type of thing is something traditionally done in your family. You could always be proactive and help out by consulting someone about funeral service planning so that you can start to plan things ahead of time. This will help make sure that your loved ones are not overly pressured by the funeral home service planners to pick the most expensive things when that time comes.

Also, by figuring out what funeral home service you want for your personal funeral, you are helping to dissolve any pressure or fears that your loved ones would have during their difficult grieving time. Check around to the different funeral home service providers to make sure that you are getting everything that you truly want. There is nothing worse then paying out those thousands of dollars and not getting the very best in quality service and care. It is important to try and make sure that your funeral home service is prepared ahead of time so that all your friends and family have to do is to grieve and learn to deal with their life changes.

Where To Learn About Options

When it comes time to finally sit down and plan out all of your funeral home service arrangements, you may find yourself surrounded by all kinds of options and plans that you may start to feel overwhelmed. First you need to figure out what your budget is and then speak to someone at the funeral home about what different options you could get for the amount of money that you had in mind. There is no sense to go overboard if it means that you are going to be in debt.

Speak with others who have planned their funeral home service in advance and see what tips and advice they could offer you. There is nothing better then hearing it from someone who has already gone through it all. Also, check out any books, articles, or newsletters that you can get your hands on in order to make sure that you are planning your funeral home service the best that it could be done. Even though it seems like a lot to go through, once it is all done with you will be extremely happy that you went through with it and got it done and over with.

Checklist Before Taking Out A Funeral Insurance Policy

If you have young children, then you want to be sure their young lives aren’t burdened with debt should you die. If you have a lot of money and are worried about it not going to your inheritors, then taking out a funeral insurance policy now can help save your loved ones thousands of dollars and a lot of worry later. Before you take out a funeral insurance policy, there are many things you need to check out.

Your State Laws

The most important thing to check out are the laws about funeral expense insurance or pre-need insurance in the state where you live and want to be either buried or cremated. You might only be allowed to by a certain amount of insurance, for example. This saves you from paying more than you need to on your future funeral. You also need to see what kind of funeral insurance policies your state considered legally binding.

When Does The Money Come Through?

The next important thing to check off your funeral insurance policy list is how the policy pays for the funeral and burial. Do you need to pay for everything in one lump payment and then the services will be provided at no additional expense to your family when you die? Do you need to make a “Pay on Death” account at your bank? Does your family need to pay any money and then get reimbursed? You and your family needs to know how the funeral insurance policy works.

Check Credentials

Sure, this policy sounds great, but what about the company behind it? You should be working with an insurance company and paying the insurance company – not one particular funeral home. In order to check how financially sound this insurance company is, you need to check it’s rating with services like A.M or Standard & Poor. You also need to check the credentials and ratings of any insurance company that is underwriting your funeral insurance company.

Also, all documents should be filled in and signed in your presence. No exceptions. This is so nothing is suddenly added onto your funeral insurance policy that you or your family wouldn’t approve of. Speaking of which, you need to talk to your family and let them know that you’re getting a policy. There have been many times when families have paid for funerals – only to later find out a funeral insurance policy was taken out years ago.

The Pros And Cons Of Funeral Life Insurance

Do you need funeral life insurance? There’s a very simple way to find out. Ask yourself if you need life insurance. If the answer is yes, then you also need funeral insurance (also called burial insurance or pre-need insurance) or a funeral/life insurance combination. You need life funeral and life insurance if you have a business or any family members dependant on you and would suffer greatly if you should suddenly croak.


According to the American Association of retired Persons, the average funeral costs in America are $4500. That’s a big chunk of change. And just like with all other living expenses, the cost of dying is also going up. AARP estimates that in a few years the average cost of a funeral will be $5500. That’s even more of a financial burden to everyone you leave behind.

This is where funeral and life insurance helps the most. If you are single, poor and renting an apartment, then you don’t need it. But if you have a family and just got a mortgage, you can at least make sure your family won’t loose their home with the funeral and life insurance. When you die, your family is obliged to pay your burial expenses.

There are more laws in place to help protect buyers of a funeral insurance policy. There are states that will not allow you to buy more than $25,000 of this kind of insurance. There are policies like with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company where you can pay for everything up front and then your funeral and burial happens without any money needing to exchange hands after you die. The odds of your family actually getting the benefit of your funeral and life insurance is higher than ever.


The main disadvantage is that this is an extra expense. It’s a very important expense, too, so you have to take the time to do careful research before signing any dotted lines. You might have to hire a lawyer to help you with all the “legalese”. If you have a financial advisor or an accountant, they may be able to perform this service for you (for an additional fee).

Another disadvantage is that you are the one that has to plan your funeral in every way – including floral arrangements as well as burial plot or choice or urn – and you won’t be around in order to argue in case your wishes are not done to the letter.