What You Need To Know About Funeral Directors Life Insurance

When you think about getting life insurance, perhaps the last group of people you want being in charge of it are funeral home directors. However, they have turned out to be the best people to help write a section of life insurance that’s getting increasingly popular – pre-paid funeral insurance (also called pre-need insurance). One of the strongest companies specializing in this kind of insurance is the Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company.

A Brief History

Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company started in 1977 in Texas, where a lot of oil money was still flowing through the state. It was during this time that pre-paid funerals began to catch on, as it was a way to help insure that more money was going to the inheritors rather than to various bill collectors or to funeral home directors. Because of this demand for funeral expense insurance costing no more than $10,000, there were a lot of bogus policies written.

When the customer base began not having faith in any pre-need insurance, this hurt funeral directors as well as the families of people with the bad insurance policies. Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company came together to make sure people got what they paid for. They felt it would be more financially sound making an insurance company rather to do this. It took of nationally in 1981.

Three Types To Choose

There are three basic kinds of policies available from Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company for pre-need funeral insurance. The first is where you pay for everything in advance before you die. The next is where you pay only part of the expenses before you die. The third is where all the arrangements are carried out and expenses paid only after you die.

What If I Move?

Because you are not dealing with just one funeral home but an insurance company, you can get the funeral, burial or cremation you planned and paid for at any funeral home that accepts Funeral Directors Life Insurance. If you find you have to move after getting your policy, Funeral Directors Life Insurance staff should be able to help you find a local funeral home.

If you are traveling and unexpectedly die, this means that your corpse needs to be transported back home to the funeral home and cemetery that you want specified in your insurance. One of the benefits of Funeral Directors Life Insurance is that they do all of the transportation when notified of your corpse’s predicament.