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Learn How Not To Breach Funeral Flower Etiquette

A funeral is a somber as well as sensitive occasion and it is where you don’t want to end up making mistakes because the consequences would be most unpleasant and upsetting. 

However, friends and well wishers alike will certainly want to offer their condolences to the grieving family and may deem it necessary to send funeral flowers as an expression of compassion to the bereaved.

Proper Arrangements

It therefore pays to learn a little about proper funeral flower etiquette before proceeding further, and there are also many things that you can say as well as do in order to take the pressure off the shoulders of the grieving family members. 

Ensuring that you follow proper funeral flower etiquette and also ensures that all arrangements are properly looked after is essential when expressing condolences following a death.

Not only do you need to follow proper funeral flower etiquette, but you should also know what to say and often, not asking the reason for the death is a good way of staying out of trouble. 

Being a good listener is the better option, and when you meet the bereaved and present them with funeral flowers you would make an eloquent statement of grief in a simple yet effective way.

By tradition, funeral flower etiquette requires that you send funeral flowers to the funeral home; or to the church; or even to the mortuary soon after an announcement has been made regarding the demise of a person. 

You also need to ensure that you send the funeral flowers on time because late arrival of the funeral flowers would be a breach of funeral flower etiquette unless you had the foresight to have ordered that the funeral flowers be delivered to the residence of the bereaved.

In any case, proper funeral flower etiquette requires that you don’t do silly things such as insisting that the funeral flowers be sent at the last minute to the church, funeral home or mortuary – or worse still, to the graveside when last rites are being performed. 

It will cause disruption as well as be considered rather inconsiderate.

You could of course instead do well to order funeral flowers online; however, more often than not this still means that the funeral flowers will have to be prepared as well as designed at a local florist. 

Finally, proper funeral flower etiquette also requires that in case you were not able to attend the funeral service, it is still OK to have the flowers or plants delivered to the residence of the diseased – even a month after the date of demise.